Make Mine Magic Podcast 17: Disney in December part 3

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes continuing discussion of Jennifer’s December trip to WDW, this time specifically World Showcase, and the following:

Disney intro / World Showcase / Mexico / Three Caballeros / Norway / Trolls / Princesses / China / African Outpost / hours and bathrooms / Mark and Ben / Epic Mickey 2 / Japan / Morocco / changing restaurants / Off Kilter / authentic British food / the mom meter /


The Three Caballeros

Our Frozen episode

Off Kilter

Yorkshire chips at French Fry Diary

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2 thoughts on “Make Mine Magic Podcast 17: Disney in December part 3”

  1. 1. three caballeros – always amazing that the line is never more than about two minutes, yet it seems everyone goes in there at some point. the restaurant is actually very good, although you can barely see your food it’s so dimly lit. the marketplace inside is cool because you can almost believe it’s outdoors.

    new to that area, there’s a little bar to the right side when you enter, down near the marketplace. i forget the name of the bar, but if you go in there on your birthday – with proof of age and actual birthday – you get a free flight of three tequila shots. if you go there often enough, they record your visits and you can get a personalized shot glass that gets placed in a showcase, and they get you your glass each subsequent visit and return it to wherever they store them. i haven’t actually seen the glasses, but i have had the free shots.

    2. the norway ride is cool for the actual ride part, but i always feel bad after the ride because there’s that small seating area you have to walk through afterwards, and they invite you to sit and watch a film about norway. i have never seen one person stay for that, and i always feel sad for those who work there.

    i have a friend from sweden, and i’ve recently learned that sweden and norway do not like each other. it has to do with world war II and something to do with a pact between the two countries about staying neutral. i can’t remember the details, but it may have been that each country accused the other of not staying neutral, but i’ll have to look it up. dangit.

    3. about china – last year was the first time we ever ate at the “nine dragons” restaurant. excellent food and very reasonable priced. so much food it’s a good idea to either split a meal or eat there on your way out so you can take it with you.

    4. germany – the biergarten restaurant – never ate there before, but we have reservations for it this coming summer.

    5. morocco – at there once, was disappointing, especially for kids. belly dancer was interesting.

    6. italy – ate there once, but the table were very close together. awkward. but i’ve heard they’ve updated it now.

    7. american pavilion – LOVE that show with ben franklin and mark twain. if you are the very first people in line, into the theater that day, there’s a woman who will record your family’s name, give you a certificate, and announce your name before the show starts. did that once.

    jenn mentioned nodding off – HA! – i do that every time – never fails – and i don’t know why because i really love the show. my kids can sing the “america” song almost word for word as well as the “two brothers” song during the civil war part.

    8. at in france a few times but i wasn’t thrilled about a $25 grilled cheese or mac and cheese. the best part is the guy with the cart and an animated ratatouille. if you watch the guy carefully, you can see how the rat is operated.

    9. love “off kilter.” great band. however, i fell victim to the hoax that if you go up to the bar cart outside of canada, put your thumbs up on your head, spread your fingers, and yell “heeere moosey moosey moosey,” you will get a free beer. read it online, tried it, felt stupid when they said, “no, sorry, that’s not true.”

  2. Will have to try the tequila thing when we go down for my birthday this year!
    Never tried Nine Dragons but sounds like someplace to check out!
    Morrocan restaurant is supposed to be totally changed now so maybe we would try it again. I used to belly dance so I thought that was cool.
    Unfortunately I think ratatouille is no longer in the restaurant. Not sure why, maybe the rat thing?
    Would love to see someone try the “Moosey” thing 🙂

    Thanks for commenting and listening!

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