Make Mine Magic Podcast 34: Disney Heroes


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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the Disney Heroes, and the following:

this episode / suggestions / what is a hero? / Cinderella / Bruce Willis as Cinderella / Hercules / Peter Pan / Brave / Robin Hood / Mowgli / Buzz and Woody / Wall-E / Up / Frozen / The Incredibles / Bolt / Aladdin and Spider-Man / Prince Phillip* / Beauty and the Beast / Stitch / The Lion King / motivation / support / who else? / Black Cauldron /

* Don’t forget to check out our Maleficent Vs. Sleeping Beauty episode to find out why our opinions on Prince Phillip as a hero have changed since we recorded this one.


The Princess Episode

Glenn’s Man of Steel review

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One thought on “Make Mine Magic Podcast 34: Disney Heroes”

  1. stitch is a criminal, but he was also doing what he was designed to do. so for him to overcome his programming and change is heroic enough for me.

    wall-e was great and feels under-rated and under-appreciated.

    hercules makes me cry at the end and is also under-appreciated.

    not sure if i have ever seen the black cauldron. now i’ll have to double check that. thanks for the reminder.

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