Make Mine Magic Podcast Episode 80: Getting That WDW Fix

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the following:

horns / intro / Google Earth / in between trips / ride via YouTube / bring back the Adventurers Club / park bench videos / do it yourself rides / make your own soundtrack / travel television / virtual tours / family and friends / photos and maps / where to go / not the last way / Memory Maker / tricky pics / the nephew at Chef Mickey’s / Aunt-Man / plan a vacation / holiday Monorail set-up / cooking Disney / Glenn’s rotten veal / podcasts / Anything Goes / closing /


Google Earth

DIS Unplugged

MMM on Adventurers Club

Central Florida Sights and Sounds

Disney Park Bench Videos

Disney Live Cams


Rich Voza

Memory Maker

MMM on Ant-Man

Cooking with Mickey and the Disney Chefs

MMM on Podcasts part 1

MMM on Podcasts part 2

The Pineland Players

Anything Goes by the Pineland Players

Jennifer’s Twitter

Glenn’s Twitter

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Disney Monorail Christmas 2013


One thought on “Make Mine Magic Podcast Episode 80: Getting That WDW Fix”

  1. Figment is one of several things i will always do, no matter how corny it might seem. same goes for Carousel of Progress and A Man and His Dream in hollywood studios.

    i almost did the memorymaker but the cost seemed a bit steep.

    i wasn’t thrilled with the changes in the great movie ride. well, for me, it was fine. however, the previous montage/introduction in the waiting area seemed helpful for some people to understand some of the displays inside the actual ride. the new video seems to focus on raiders of the lost ark. i can’t be sure because we were only in there about one minute, so i’m not sure what else the changes include.

    every year i want to buy a monorail for my christmas tree, but i never seem to pull the trigger. i need to make that happen. thanks for the push.

    on this past trip, the seven dwarfs mine train broke down nearly every day. eventually we had to wait in the regular line instead of using a fast pass. not fun.

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