Make Mine Magic Podcast 24: Pixar part 1

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of Pixar, and the following:

confused intro / animation festivals / Bill Plympton / Jon Negroni’s Pixar Theory / Glenn’s Trucks and Cars connection / sequels / Incredibles is Watchmen / Easter eggs / John Lasseter invite / Jessie and Andy’s Mom again / Party Central / theory delirious /



Kickstarter to Restore the Roxy

Spike and Mike

Bill Plympton

The Pixar Theory

Jon Negroni

The True Identity of Andy’s Mom Will Blow Your Mind

Glenn’s Cars 2 review from 2011

Jennifer’s Twitter

Glenn’s Twitter

The GAR! Podcast Family on Facebook


Planes: Fire & Rescue trailer

2 thoughts on “Make Mine Magic Podcast 24: Pixar part 1”

  1. 1. makes perfect sense that andy’s mom is jessie’s former “owner.” however, i agree with the hole that neither jessie nor the mom recognized each other. there is NO toy i had that i could not recognize. not sure what that says about me. also, it’s interesting, but it’s not “mind blowing.”

    2. loved the iron giant

    3. makes perfect sense that “cars” had taken over the earth because they wouldn’t have buildings that suit humans. however, could also be they wanted the buildings more humanlike so smaller kids could accept it more easily and not have to imagine a completely different world.

    4. boo being the witch shouldn’t be based on a picture of sully because i think that is what you said it is not – pixar being clever. just like the dinoco gas and other things. i’ll pose a question back to you – when C3P0 appeared on the wall behind indiana jones as he finds the ark, was that along the same lines, or was that just george lucas being clever? i vote clever.

    5. looking forward to a further discussion about the theory

    1. I think Pixar is always being clever in some way, the ball and luxo are usually in there somewhere. I think some of the theories are just people thinking too much.
      Thanks for listening!!

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