About Glenn and Jenn

Jennifer H. Walker Esq. is a Social Security Disability attorney with a nearly life long passion for Disney.   Since the first time her parents brought her to Walt Disney World in 1978, she has been entranced by The Mouse and his cohorts.  She has since infected her husband and now makes nearly yearly pilgrimages to WDW.  She seeks to share her happiness with the world in this podcast.  Her favorite Princess is Merida and her favorite characters are Goofy, Stitch, and Figment.

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Glenn Walker is a writer, blogger, and podcaster. His work on The GAR! Podcast with Make Mine Magic producer Ray Cornwall convinced his wife that a podcast was pretty easy, and MMM was born.  Glenn has loved Disney since Jenn introduced him to it in 1993. The two have since spent much time in the magic kingdoms of Disney. His favorite characters are Tigger and Hawkeye, or Hank Pym. Things have become sooo confusing since Disney bought Marvel Comics…



3 thoughts on “About Glenn and Jenn”

  1. Hi Jenn and Glenn,

    I ran across your podcast in iTunes a few weeks ago and am enjoying getting caught up on all the episodes.

    I would like to download episodes 1-7 to listen to on my iPod. Can those episodes either be made available through the iTunes Store or downloaded from your website? I found these episodes on your website but was not able to download them to my iPod. Also, what happened to episode 17?

    Thanks for all the work you put into this great podcast!

    1. There’s an MP3 link in each episode. It’ll either say “MP3 Link” or “Check out this episode”. With that, you should be able to download the older shows that aren’t part of the itunes feed. I’ll work on fixing that. Glad you like the show!

      MMM Technical Producer

  2. HI Jeff,

    Thanks for the kind words. We’re glad you’re enjoying the podcast. Regarding episode 17, it should be up this week. We did some of them out of order because of the holidays or because of timeliness, like movies coming out. Sorry for the confusion.

    Thanks again, and keep listening!


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