Make Mine Magic Podcast 35: Maleficent Vs. Sleeping Beauty

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the films Maleficent and Sleeping Beauty, and the following:

controversial / pure evil / Glenn meets Maleficent / spoiler alert / backstory / two different stories / The Vampire Lestat / the secret origin / Superboy vs. Smallville / alignment reversal / political boundaries / the Three Good Fairies / typecasting / name changing / name prejudice / diluting the evil / Angelina Jolie / make-up! / sexist Glenn / Clive Barker’s Maleficent / the good stuff / DVD release / rating / Phillip’s no hero / annoying fairies / Elle Fanning / closing /


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Make Mine Magic Podcast 18: Saving Mr. Banks

This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of the new Disney feature film Saving Mr. Banks, and the following:

spoiler warning / Saving Mr. Banks / inspired by a true story / the performances / the Sherman Brothers / a difficult woman / father and daughter / acting and mimicry / parallel storytelling / JM Barrie and Peter Pan / Walt Disney / smoking / empire / Regal Moorestown Mall / the music / who’s savin’ who / potential DVD extras / Paul Giamatti /


The GAR! Podcast talks about Harlan Ellison talking about Saving Mr. Banks

Make Mine Magic 09: Backstage Tours

French Fry Diary

Elevation Burger at French Fry Diary Fact Checks the Movie


Saving Mr. Banks trailer

Harlan’s Ellison’s review of Saving Mr. Banks (perhaps NSFW)

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers Story trailer

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