Make Mine Magic Podcast 59: Podcasts part 1

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes discussion of podcasts, and the following:

enthusiastic opening / background / the experiment / what makes a good podcast / whenever / The GAR! Podcast / what we listen to / chemistry / strength in numbers / voice / what makes a good Disney podcast / ‘sorcerer’ / WDWNT / DIS Unplugged first time / travel sponsorship / why DIS Unplugged / park bench videos / NJ DIS Meet 2015 / Comedy on Demand / DIS Unplugged Cruise / sophistication / closing / Stryper /


The GAR! Podcast


5 Decisions Away / Matt Paxton

DIS Unplugged

The Nerdist

Audacious 11 Podcast

Back in a Flash Podcast

Better in the Dark

Give Kids the World

John Corigliano’s Twitter


MMM episode on NJ DIS Meet 2014

2015 NJ DIS Meet

Disney Park Bench Videos

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