Make Mine Magic Podcast 19: Disney in December part 4

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes continuing discussion of Jennifer’s December trip to WDW, especially the Magic Kingdom, and the following:

episode number confusion / Steve Martin / entering Magic Kingdom / Peter Pan’s Flight / Snow White and Winnie the Pooh / Mickey’s PhilharMagic / Princesses / Friar’s Nook / the new Fantasyland / Enchanted Tales with Belle / Haunted Mansion / Small World of Pirates / Jingle Cruise / Double Dumbo / Great Goofini / Sword in the Stone / Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom / Jungle Book baddies / Jenn Vs. the Legion of Doom / Tomorrowland /


Steve Martin goes to Paris France

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

Friar’s Nook at French Fry Diary

Portal at the Non-Gamer’s Gamer’s Blog

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

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Introduction to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

2 thoughts on “Make Mine Magic Podcast 19: Disney in December part 4”

  1. 1. the character spot on the right that jenn mentioned, that’s the place where you can get a free picture with your disney visa card. and the northwest corner where the characters “get away” is also where they parade begins.

    2. peter pan – always cute no matter how many times i see it, but the area for the line where you wait is gross because it’s rather close to a very small restroom, but there’s an exhaust or something that sometimes sends odors from the restroom to the waiting line area. eww.

    3. winnie the pooh – they’ve upgraded the queue area, just like you mentioned for big thunder mountain railroad. more fun for kids.

    4. love philharmagic!

    5. new fantasyland – very disappointed that gaston’s tavern does not serve beer. it totally should. last year i visited ‘be our guest” for the first time. i was a little disappointed with my meal, but that was my own fault. i ordered “ratatouille” because i wanted to see what it was like, and it was not good. meanwhile, my kid had a fabulous stuffed pork chop. also, that restaurant is the only place to serve alcohol in the magic kingdom.

    6. haunted mansion – love going through that with my kids because they can recite almost every line of dialogue from every moment throughout the ride. it’s almost creepy.

    7. i have advocated for years that the way to upgrade and improve “it’s a small world” would be to include a bushel of baseballs to throw at the little characters. knock their heads off, earn points to redeem at the giftshop.

    8. the thing with the cards – yeah, my kids tried that a couple of years ago, but they did not seem to get into it. after about five cards/tasks/villains, they felt like “hey, we could be on another ride. we’re done with this.” in fact, i thought they discontinued it, but i only think that because i didn’t see anyone pushing the cards out on my last visit. and it was annoying because some people were not respecting any kind of line. maybe they’ve improved it. hope so.

    1. The restrooms near Peter Pan have been relocated across the way where the Skyride used to be, Rapunzel’s tower is there too.

      I try not to recite the entire Haunted Mansion script out loud but it’s always going through my head, It’s very hard to keep from mouthing the words… would love to go on it with a bunch of people who are all reciting it together.

      “It’s a small world, throw the ball”….naaaah

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

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