Make Mine Magic Podcast 20: Disney in December part 5

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This week’s episode of The Make Mine Magic Podcast includes concluding discussion of Jennifer’s December trip to WDW, especially Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, and the following:

numbers / girls gone wild / Hollywood Studios / Oscar’s Super Service / Sid Caheunga’s One-of-a-Kind / Great Movie Ride / Star Tours / Wreck-It Ralph / character meet and greets / Fantasmic! / Tower of Terror / Animal Kingdom / Wild Africa Trek / Expedition Everest / Festival of the Lion King / dinosaur rides / missed attractions / wrap-up /


Oscar’s Super Service

Sid Caheunga’s One-of-a-Kind

Great Movie Ride

MMM Podcast on Osborne Lights

MMM Podcast on Finding Nemo show

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2 thoughts on “Make Mine Magic Podcast 20: Disney in December part 5”

  1. 1. was typing a long comment before, not sure if it accidentally got submitted before i was ready or it just disappeared. either way, it was my error.


    1. the osborne lights – the snow – is that soap bubbles?

    2. great movie ride – it’s getting boring, but i think it’s also about classics, black-and-white ish era, so i don’t think updating it would work. i like the montage before the ride better than the ride at this point. the best part of the ride for me is looking for hidden mickey’s in the wizard of oz scene.

    3. not a fan of tower of terror. in fact, never went on it and don’t plan to go on it, even though my kids bug the hell out of me trying to convince me.

    4. expedition everest – they’ve updated the creature and made him more prominent, more visible, which was good because in the past i had not even known there was a creature in there anywhere.

    5. finding nemo, the musical – can’t miss it. it kills me every time i watch it. cry like a baby when nemo thinks his father won’t come find him. just the idea of a kid thinking a parent would just let him go like that, ugh, can’t take it. cry like a baby.

    also, the people who wrote those songs for the nemo show are the same team who wrote the songs for “frozen.” now, oscar winners. a great married-couple music team.

    6. festival of the lion king – i guess i’m going to miss it this year because of the moving to another area. do you know exactly where they’re moving it because i wonder of it’s going to be in an out-of-the way location where i might not normally visit, and now i have to there just for the lion king. ugh.

    7. back to the nemo show – they used to offer preferred seating if you had lunch at the tusker house restaurant during certain hours before the show. tusker house isn’t cheap, all you can eat buffet, about $40 per person, so it made it a little more tolerable if you got preferred seating at the nemo show. however, they stopped that preferred seating. don’t know why, but it’s disappointing and now i don’t go to the tusker house anymore.

    1. I’m assuming the snow is soap bubbles but I didn’t taste it :). I’m not sure what they use for snow, it actually does look like snow. It was the same snow they used in Magic Kingdom for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party.

      Great Movie Ride can still be classics but the technology is out there to update and change the montage. Maybe they could do a “remembrance” section , honor people like Mickey Rooney, etc.

      As for crying at Finding Nemo…as Anna says “I won’t judge”.

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

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